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A soul thing…

It came to pass as swiftly as the night sky filled with glitter Confetti skies that realize our souls ignite by flicker For come-what-mays are sung in praise When we express our love A multiverse is interspersed in what our dreams are made of Expanding hearts that can’t depart from inconvenient truth That rattles mind

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Life before Rythmia…

When I began my spiritual journey, never did I think it would ever lead me to a place like Rythmia.  Five years ago, I had just transitioned successfully into a new career, became a full-fledged partner, finally got that Hollywood office plus the coveted personalized parking spot, traveling internationally for work (while squeezing in pleasure)

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March 17, 2018, The week where everything changed for me……and now we step to the rhythm of miracles! I would’ve never believed it until I experienced it for myself. Eternally grateful for this place that cultivates miracles, practices the power of intention, manifestation, merging back to my soul & seeing into absolute truth. My week

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