A soul thing…

It came to pass as swiftly as
the night sky filled with glitter
Confetti skies that realize
our souls ignite by flicker
For come-what-mays are sung in praise
When we express our love
A multiverse is interspersed
in what our dreams are made of
Expanding hearts that can’t depart
from inconvenient truth
That rattles mind leaving behind
the formerly uncouth
We fill a tome and settle home
affixed in sweet embrace
We’re overcome becoming one
while standing face to face
For everywhere our love affair
exists on every plane
Omnipotent, significant
we’ll never be the same

I wonder if it is indeed possible for a love to exist on every plane? Lately, I’ve been reading the work of Dr. Brian Weiss on past life regression and there is something utterly romantic about the idea of soulmates reuniting life after life in several incarnations.  Each time, appearing as someone else taking on a different body but always with the knowing that our souls travel together. The idea that most of the people in your life now, have been with you at some point, somewhere, in a past life.  Regardless of time, space, dimension or plane, soul recognition is immediately felt and recognized simply by looking into one’s eyes. Some soulmates are the loves that have been tragically lost in one life, only to be found in another.

Therefore, past life experiences show up in our present lives through karmic debts we still have yet to pay.  On a subconscious level then, it is no wonder why we are drawn to certain places, certain colors, certain experiences, certain people and so on.  Back on this “earth school” we still have so much to learn through all the lives our souls have chosen to experience.  Expressing the words “I feel like I’ve known you my whole life” after one conversation with a soul mate ignites a fire within to deeply explore that soul, that connection, that relationship, that conscious awareness.  Perhaps, it’s not in this life that I feel that connection, but that of a former.  That familiarity.  That one chance opportunity to be together again. IF you are lucky enough to cross paths, seize the moment when it occurs and revel in its rarity.  Don’t think, just act. Whether this lasts seconds, days, months, years or the entirety of your present lifetime, we should always be grateful for the reunion, no matter the outcome.  For souls never die and soul mates will continue to find us in all our incarnations. Even if it is, only for a brief moment in this life, you are changed forever.  It is never goodbye but instead, a see you in the next lifetime…


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