You are all worthy of love…

You are all worthy of love and worthy of healing. You are beginning to see the truth. There is no sin. That is still something you must shed. Your life is a series of experiences you chose therefore you are the only one judging those events and thoughts as a means to define them. Instead of giving them meaning, just witness, let them pass and trust in your divine purpose.

During this meditation, an old prayer from growing up in the Catholic church kept repeating in my head. This was the prayer said right before taking holy communion:

“I’m not worthy to receive you, but only say the word and I shall be healed.”

I kept ruminating on these words while in meditation and finally decided to speak to God.  I said that this prayer simply isn’t true because we are all worthy of God’s love and we are all worthy of God’s healing.  God responded and said, “You are right my child.  You are beginning to see the truth.”   I began to weep in my meditation at the profundity of this message.  I thanked God for loving me even when I sin, to which God responded back with, “There is no sin.  That is still something you must shed.” There is no sin? That goes against everything I was taught to believe in confirmation and Catholic school.  But as I continue to grow spiritually, I realize how much religion itself,  is just so limiting. It’s putting conditions on God’s love which is completely absurd. Why was I taught to believe and accept that I am a natural born sinner? That I am automatically not worthy of receiving God’s love, until I pay penance for it after I confess my sins?  That’s not God at all! It’s so conditional.

This is the myth so many of us have all bought into that continues to separate us from God.  We deem ourselves untrustworthy by the instinctual belief in this “first theory of nature”, which deems God as a dead white male in heaven keeping track of our rights and wrongs.  With this belief, how can we ever trust ourselves if we are born into this world as sinners with God watching over us ready to punish and judge? There is a knowing, far beyond the depths of my soul, that God is so much bigger than the scope any religion can ever fathom.  God is non-dualistic. God is in everything. God is in me, and in you and in all of us so why do we think it’s ok to limit God’s love and healing?  In one of Wayne Dyer’s discussions on spirituality and metaphysics, he describes non duality beautifully. He begins by posing these questions,

“What’s something on the physical plane, that could never experience darkness?”
The answer is “the sun”.
“Why is it that the sun can never experience darkness??”
“Because it is the source of all light.” So the AHA! moment here is if you want to transcend the duality of this physical plane you have to figure out a way to go to your source…

He goes on to further describe,

“…in mathematics, that which is a non dual number is zero. You divide zero by zero and you get more zeros–there is no duality to zero, so the equivalent of zero is silence.  Silence divided by silence becomes more silence…and thats why meditation and getting quiet is absolutely essential for you to come to know God, because it is when you go to that place within yourself and can’t be further divided in your silence–that you reconnect to your source.  The ego always has you separate from your source. The higher or sacred part of you, knows NO duality.
God’s one and only voice is silence.
How to create the life you want,
Dr. Wayne Dyer

I love this.  This is the meaning on non duality.  Through meditation, you make conscious contact and become the co-creator by leaving the duality of the physical plane and connecting to your source.  We as spiritual beings, chose the life we are experiencing and we are the only ones that judge those events.  Most certainly never God.  Furthermore, all these events are simply illusion anyway! They are just a bunch of made up thoughts perpetuated by the ego to create separateness, fear, anxiety, grief—and grief in turn, creates anger and violence…

“How can peace exist in the world when these chaotic emotions predominate?? Just unravel.  Go back to the source of the problem.  You are back to thoughts, old thoughts.  Stop thinking.  Instead, use your intuitive wisdom to experience love again. Meditate. See that everything is interconnected and interdependent. See the unity, not the differences.  See your true self.  See God”  –Only Love is RealDr. Brian Weiss

I find that the more I dive deep into my meditations, and I’m able to talk to God, and gain clarity, I begin to unfold and faithfully understand.  It’s no coincidence then, that I read or listen to something that clearly articulates my exact feeling or thought, as I have described above learning from Dr. Wayne Dyer and Dr. Brian Weiss.  These brilliant minds have come to know God in a way that transcends space, time, dimensions and duality.  I grew up in a religious household, where my mother forced us to pray the rosary at 5pm every day.  It was a chore and I would’ve done anything I could to get out of it.  It felt like a punishment. I believed in God, but this just didn’t FEEL like God.  Only after discovering my spirituality and meditation, did it finally click.  My soul feels as if I’m wrapped in a warm blanket of God’s love.  This is why I truly believe and will say again, that God is so much bigger than any religion can ever fathom.  All we ever have to do to come to know God, is devote ourselves to a practice of sitting silent and listening.  I can guarantee, that the source of ALL LIGHT, will always be right here, right now, and always.


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