You must learn to let go…

You must learn to let go. All feelings are temporary but if you continue to allow yourself to feel them, they linger longer than they should. What is it that you are holding on to? Ultimately it does not matter. Learn to let go. Open yourself up to trust, allow and receive divine guidance.

What is it that you are holding on to?
Why do we have such a death grip on all the things that do not serve our highest good?
Why does holding on sometimes seem better than setting yourself free?

We get so used to the negative feeling of our pain bodies that we begin to sit comfortably in them.  But we need to be mindful of not turning what we feel  into what we think. We attach ourselves to our stories so much so that we actually believe the mind’s incessant thoughts and live them out as truth. Then that belief moonlights as a homing device deceivingly guiding us back to what feels comfortable. To what feels like HOME. I think perhaps that letting go of our “stories”, leaves most of us feeling utterly naked, vulnerable and alone.  The very difficult deep dive into our soul serves as the catalyst to begin our soul work. It begs the question, “Who are YOU without the story you believe to be true?” Neale Donald Walsh in his book, Conversations with GOD 2 writes…

“…our feelings are never wrong. They are our truth. The celebration of who we are is mindless. The best guide is the Truth, which the soul speaks out through feelings. So we need to get back to our senses – to return to how we feel; not to how we think. Thoughts are made-up creation of the mind. Feelings are our Truth.” — Neale Donald Walsh Conversations with GOD 2

Thoughts are made-up creation of the mind.  Scientific research has shown that the average person has about fifty to seventy thousand thoughts per day and out of those thoughts about seventy percent of them are negative.  That’s a whole lot of made up creations of our very powerful minds! We get so desensitized to our own negativity, completely unaware of the thoughts that continue to wire our brains. When our thoughts begin to masquerade as feelings, it becomes extremely difficult to escape that negative feedback loop. And when you can’t beat ’em, WHAT DO WE DO?? we join ’em!  That’s why it’s so easy for our minds to live in this state.  That state of mind where you get so used to the pain that you’re lost without them. THAT is why we hold on.

So set yourself free and understand that even feelings, which are your truth, are all temporary.  What you feel now is not what you will feel a second, a minute, an hour, a day, a month or even a year from now.  Holding on to anything, living in the past or dwelling in the future, will only stall your inevitable unfolding.  Let go of the story.  Live in the presence. The more we learn this, and the more we practice letting go, the more we can open up to the oneness of life.  The more you open up to infinite possibility where “letting go” is no longer just a novel idea. So loosen up that death grip and open up your hands to your life! Because the truth is, nothing that costs your soul is worth holding on to.  Absolutely nothing.





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