Angel’s Cry

In a world where everything is upside down
In a place where the devil wears the crown
Where happily ever after’s lost and never found
I sing my angel’s cry
Never knowing where the day is gonna go
Trying to get by without selling my soul
Each time I get a high I’m back to living low
I cry my angel’s cry
Where loneliness is disguised to be your friend
Chasing hollow moons as empty as the end
Where in the dark every rule is bound to bend
I sing my angel’s cry
Broken dreams fill the streets with love for sale
Where every win is overshadowed by the fail
and all the stories told of joy becomes a tale
I cry my angels cry
I cry, I cry
I cry oh I cry
I cry oh I cry, I cry
this is my Angel’s cry

-written by: JR (yours truly)

This is the song I wrote for Los Angeles. Upon moving to this city 15 years ago, I arrived bright eyed and bushy tailed with nothing but my big dreams.  I was going to be a big star, winning multiple grammies and headlining my own world tours one day.  I was sure of it!  It was the dream I had since I was a little girl.  Immediately,  I found myself immersed in the glamorized and quirky world of Hollywood. While it was so exciting to be in the mecca of the entertainment capital of the world, I also felt a sadness for all the broken dreams and shattered hearts that permeate these Hollywood lights.  For those who came here only to be met with the dark side of the business, intoxicated by the long shadow it casts.

Those who got “caught up” in the impossible lifestyle of sex, drugs & lies compromising their sweetness for a shot at fame and fortune, chasing hollow moons as empty as the end.  It is never a small price to pay when you pay with your soul. Of course, on the other side, there are many happy endings too.  But this song isn’t about that.  This song is about all of the broken vessels who get left behind, who came here with nothing but big dreams as I once did. Who forgot about their true nature, that their soul is unbreakable and that it is always whole. My heart cries out for my fellow artists stuck in the matrix.  This is for those Angels…

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