You must learn new ways of being…

You must learn new ways of being. The old ways did not serve your highest good so you can no longer believe and decide on the old conditioned mind. Create new thoughts. Trust your intuition and allow yourself to be guided.

We are all spiritual beings having the privilege and honor to live out this beautiful human experience. Dolores Cannon, the grand dame of past life regression and creator of her own technique in quantum healing hypnosis therapy, uncovers this beginning of life, through a vision and journey, to the likening of what I would describe as much like the movie “The Hunger Games.” She says in one of her talks, that on the “other side”, when beings are choosing their planetary homes, the beings who choose earth are regaled at as the brave ones, for life on earth, is always hard. Let the fanfare for these spiritual warrior beings commence (can you now see the Hunger Games reference?)! I salute you, you courageous being you!! She goes on to say that those beings are then asked to pick out their marbles. Each of the marbles represent a challenge or hardship that being, will experience during their lifetime on earth. That once these are chosen, life begins. It makes me wonder is that where the phrase “losing his/her marbles” came from?? It is for certain that Dolores Cannon was definitely one who was seen as such for most of her life. But she’s also regarded as a prolific intuitive of her time. After all, Albert Einstein was also a bit loony once again proving that it is indeed a fine line between genius and insane.

It is then said that we as beings, choose our parents. We choose the life we want to experience even before we actually experience it. Like many of us, you were likely highly influenced by your parents or caretakers, who began to condition your mind since the day you were born into this world. Their limiting beliefs and ideas were most likely due to social class and economics, which can vary depending on your age bracket coupled with their own hardships of upbringing piled on with more inherited limiting beliefs passed on to them that are now being passed on to YOU. Soon, you are riddled with self doubt, fear and unworthiness and start to add to the pile of shit that never even belonged to you in the first place. This then leads to an onslaught of self destructive behaviors to numb the incessant negative thinking all because you are starved of self love believing you could never be good enough. Sound familiar? So does that mean we are doomed from the start?? Perhaps. Perhaps not.

I think there comes a point in a person’s life where we start to awaken. We start to learn that we begin life whole and as each day passes, depending on life experiences, we begin to chip away at that wholeness without even being conscious of it. But the problem is, the subconscious mind becomes our fate. So when we begin “wake up”, the work begins to merge back to that wholeness. This is why every service at Agape starts with “GOODMORNING AGAPE!”. You need to strip away and unlearn everything you have ever known to be true. I’m sorry, not sorry to say, this is far from an easy process. Welcome to your soul work!

Enter the barrage of healing. Therapy, hypnotherapy, reiki, energy healing, yoga, spiritual coaching, church, meditation are just a few of the healing modalities available to cram on. All of these things, JUST so we can UN-DO the conditionings we were programmed to believe. Once we begin to raise our vibration, we start to discover the truth of who we are. The ESSENCE of our being, which is LOVE. We learn that no one is to blame. Not our parents, not our overbearing boss, or ex lovers, boyfriends, girlfriends, annoying colleagues, bitter neighbors, not our brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles or anyone who’s ever hurt us. No one. Everyone is just doing their best and can only meet us at their level of awareness. So we begin the process of healing. Of forgiving. Of LOVING.

When we begin to shed the old conditionings of the mind, we have to be vigilant on listening. LISTENING to that intuition that is a direct line to God/source and our higher self. That means we need to know the difference when we are operating from our conditioned minds or when we are operating from the new thought of what is actually true. What is ACTUALLY serving your higher self, which is in turn serving the highest good for everyone directly affected by your vibrations. That means, we no longer REACT as we would have, instead we observe and we listen. We witness. We vibrate higher. We learn new ways of BEING.

I have to remind myself of this often, as I’m still in the process of un-learning. Some days are total translucency and absolute bliss. Some days I’m completely losing my marbles due to my conditioned mind still hanging on for dear life. But I find comfort in my total awareness of it, which is a gift in and of itself. It’s ok to have those days, because we ARE human and I know that everything is temporary. Everyday is an opportunity to learn new ways of BEING. Everyday is an opportunity to learn new ways to LOVE. To love yourself and love others. And what a great opportunity that is. How lucky are we?! I volunteer as tribute!! Who’s with me??

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