The Last Lecture

“All You Have Is What You Bring With You”  -Randy Pausch The Last Lecture

This week’s book is one that I absolutely adore…and I’m not the only one. Six million copies were sold of this delightful read, “The Last Lecture”.  Randy Pausch imparted wisdom as a computer science professor at Carnegie Mellon when his time was cut short after getting diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.  Knowing his time was limited, his final lecture was his most compelling by far. It became an opus that reached critical success on how to truly LIVE life and seize the moment, because time, as he puts it, is all we have.

What truly fascinated me about this book, is how aware he was during his final weeks, or perhaps maybe even his entire life. His self-awareness and razor sharp focus seemingly led to a magnanimous manifestation practice that effortlessly flowed. His determination to find loop holes to achieve goals, his approach on career, on how to treat others, problem solving through what he refers to as “treat the disease, and not the symptom” and overall –how to be the most honest human being you possibly can be, is what really struck a chord with me.  It made me think, I wonder what his spiritual practices were, if any, and if he was even aware of his gift of manifestation? Did the terminal diagnosis become the catalyst to what seems to resemble an “awakening”? And if so, is the looming fate of death the only way for some people to experience these downloads?

Whatever the case may be, he made sure that those final days were his most meaningful yet. He exuded a relentless persistence to “never give up” gleaning on lessons he learned from his beloved parents, especially his father who he quotes all through out the book. The way he was able to somehow always get into the “flow state” is almost as impressive as his achievements.

The flow state is an interesting one because there’s a lot of misconceptions out there about it. There’s the notion that if things don’t work out as easily, if it isn’t met serendipitously, then it must mean you’re going against the “flow”. And while this can be true for some situations, most times this just isn’t the case. Randy Pausch is the perfect example of this. He found ways to “treat the disease” constantly and worked hard all the time. As a result, he found great success and made all his dreams come true. This is because the flow state is created by the daily work. You have got to put in the work to continue to generate the energy that will allow for that continuous state of flow. The universe will always grant you miracles especially if you are conscious about doing the work!

Jeff Bezos, CEO of Amazon, aka richest man in the world, describes his state of flow as a harmony. He finds his work life “balance” by not actually balancing…but by making sure there is a harmonious flow in all facets of his life. A scale will always teeter finding moments of balance, but if work and life are both halves of a harmonious circle, they will continue to flow like life giving air, watering the other until seeds become fruitful for harvest time and then repeat. It never stops and is a constant state of harmonious flow. It is an everlasting cycle and a beautiful never-ending. But flow can only be created by doing the work. Randy knew it. Jeff knows it. Randy believes that “All you have, is what you bring with you.” So what are you bringing?

This book is truly inspiring and I highly recommend it. Now, it’s time to get to work!

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