You cannot trust the mind…

You cannot trust the mind of the self you have begun to shed. This is just your ego trying to hold on to the past, for that’s all it knows and finds comfort in being. You are feeling uneasy because you are not trusting your heart, which is your true nature. Everything is perfect. You are just allowing your ego to create fear and make you feel and act differently.

Recently, I have been having some rough days where old negative patterns have somehow resurfaced. And these days are pretty harsh. As much as I try not to fall back into them, habit always finds a way of feeling like home. Before I know it,  my monkey mind is completely going bananas and I’m slipping on peels, spinning out of control. Then miraculously (as always), divine intelligence steps in for me to receive and download this message feeling like a cool breeze in hell…

“You cannot trust the mind of the self you have begun to shed.”

Boom. God always has perfect timing. When it comes to “serving your higher self”, it takes work to not only deprogram your brain, but reprogram it. Re-wire it. Re-write it to honor the truth of who you are. In science, this is known as neuroplasticity, which is all about creating new pathways or neural connections to allow for your brain to help heal what is has revealed. In Lisa Wimberger’s Nuerosculpting, what she suggests as the most effective way to rewire and reprogram thought is, you guessed it….meditation. She specifically describes it as whole-brain meditation, which brings your left and right brain hemispheres into harmony to help awaken your full potential.  I also find this akin to hypnosis, which Grace Smith of Grace Space describes as “meditation with a goal.”  The truth is, most of our thought patterns are recycled. Subconsciously, your mind becomes an automated response to previous reactions triggering the primary culprit of stress. Most times our brains are just on autopilot, unless we actively work on being present and conscious to our thoughts. Gary John Bishop, author of Unfuck yourself writes,

“…Act independently from your internal condition.” – Gary John Bishop

So when you are reacting based on a present internal condition that is disempowering, instead of spiraling out of control and indulging the monkey mind, act independently and separate yourself from that thought immediately. Combat it by taking action against it. You cannot trust the old mind you are trying to reprogram so why not instead become a witness to the thought and let it pass? But that doesn’t mean we also need to “thought shame” ourselves.  The thoughts we are having are a part of our beautiful minds.  We need not allow ourselves to feel bad because of any thought arising that doesn’t necessarily fit our current mindset of what we’re wanting to feel.

“A settled mind is a mind that experiences no resistance” – Light Watkins

What you resist, persists. Celebrate thoughts with no judgment. Simply become a witness to them and let them pass.  When we are in the process of shedding our “old” selves, we should question everything the mind conceives, for it is not to be believed. Its like running an old operating system on a brand new computer.  It will shut down every time. So brand new YOU requires brand new THOUGHT which means a totally brand spanking new mega upgraded operating system that will become your direct connection to the inner-net aka inner you! (See what I did there? lol) I say, question everything and act independently until you arrive at the ultimate truth where your soul shines through all the bullshit. It’s all just in your mind anyways so shut down all the roads that lead you down the rabbit hole of lies!


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