Be mindful when seeking advice from others…


Be mindful when seeking advice from others, for they may respond with fear based thoughts. Be careful not to take on anyone else’s fear and adopt them as your own. Express your gratitude and do not judge.

If I’m being completely honest, most times when I have a question about anything in life, I go to my trusted friend: GOOGLE. I’m almost embarrassed to admit that even when it comes to personal matters, I will most likely, nine times out of ten, find the answer on the internet.  So I tend to seek advice from complete strangers who have posted their experience or opinion online in my times of need.  Sounds a bit ridiculous when you put it that way. Not to say that I don’t have my close personal relationships to turn to. I just find that my impatience gets the best of me, and I just want answers right away.

When I’m not satisfied with my research, that’s when I usually seek the advice of friends or family. In some instances, even strangers (in real life that is).  Typically, I find that our interpersonal circle will most often give us advice that just doesn’t quite hit the mark.  This is because its a bit harder to be completely objective when giving advice to people you love.  Instead of focusing on the issue, they are influenced by the past (both theirs and what they know of yours) and before you know it, a painful walk down memory lane is forced upon you rather than gaining an insight that might actually help.  They begin to project fears and you wind up leaving the conversation more confused than when you came. Why is it that a strangers advice on something can hold so much more weight than that of a loved one?

What I got out of this meditation is that it’s important to really analyze fears that come up for you and really ask yourself where it’s coming from.  They all come from somewhere and are always created in this reality. Because when it comes to the essence of your SOUL, your nature, your true being, your oneness and awareness with spirit, with God, with source, and the universe, fear does not exist. It is a creation of the mind.  We can get so caught up in “the dream” that we take on the fears of others, especially those who truly love us. To avoid all of this unnecessary drama, trusting yourself and your intuition to guide you is the most important aspect of yourself to hone. The answers you seek truly does lie within YOU.  Seeking it out from external sources will only cause more harm than good. So starting now, why not start trusting the GOOGLE inside of you?!

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