Another season’s past
Another love not meant to last
Another disappointment
When’s it gonna end

Time and time again I try to
make sense of it all
But instead of giving up
I’m gonna build from the ground up
There’s hope, I’m not far gone so I’ll

Tear down these walls
Strip this paint off
There’s no other way
Not sure how much more
this foundation will take
It’s about to break
No, I won’t make a sound
When I tear it down
I’m throwing away
All the broken pieces
no one sees displayed
You know I need some time to

The only face I see
Is the me that I don’t wanna be
Need more than decoration
To find my strength within

Honesty has led me here
It’s my stability
But instead of giving up
I’m gonna build from the ground up
There’s hope, I’m not far gone so I’ll….

Brick by brick
Rebuild it slow
you’ll see, I’m so much stronger than before
Gonna open my heart, gonna go back to the start
I’m in repair, but I’m almost there..

(written by: Jenilee Reyes & Jenny Carr music produced by: JL Brown)

I wrote this song during a time in my life where my entire world fell apart. After losing so much of what was so important to me, I felt so disillusioned and naturally retreated to some very dark places. For as long as I can remember, music was always my therapy.  But for the first time ever, music became the bane of my life.  Eventually after some time, I found my way back to it like the prodigal son returning home…and this was written.

This song is about realizing that taking charge of your life, starts from within. When Murphy’s Law just seems to have overstayed it’s welcome, it’s time to renovate and make some drastic changes. It’s scary, it’s painful, it’s vulnerable, but so necessary. Tear down those walls, strip the paint off, and start over. There’s no other way.



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