Allow your thoughts to pass through…

Allow your thoughts to pass through. To come and go. Become a witness and watch them without judgement. Do not grab onto one and turn it into a belief. They are just thoughts.
Imagine you are watching traffic from a balcony. Cars are lined up and slowly moving. You spot a car that you like and you continue to follow it, then you spot another one and follow that, and so on. Then suddenly those cars end up in your driveway and you are stuck and unable to get out of your house. You become a prisoner in your own home.
These cars represent thoughts that you have now wired as belief and you have to pay a lot of money to move each car by tow. Save your money. Save your energy. Save the space in your mind for more important things.
Let thoughts pass.

When I get out of my meditations, I reflect on what messages I may have received right after.  During and when I’m in dialogue, I do my best to flow and try not to focus on anything.  I know that what I remember when I get out of my meditation is what I’m meant to remember.  On this day, this message and my visions were so clear and my own dialogue with God was ever flowing.  It felt amazing to be able to connect to source and receive in this way.  The fact that we can turn any thought and turn it into belief is just one way to prove just powerful our minds are. Carl Jung says,

Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate.” – Carl Jung

Ever have that feeling that your mind is playing tricks on you? Well it is. Because that’s what it always does.  According to the National Science Foundation, we produce about 50,000 thoughts a day.  Maybe even up to 70,000 according to some other researchers @ UCLA and some we might not even be totally conscious of.  Yet we latch on to thoughts, whether consciously or subconsciously and suddenly these thoughts rule our life. So why not choose to be a ‘witness’ to these passing thoughts and what is meant to stay, will come back to you through intuition and synchronicity.  If you are in a positive vibrational pull, you will attract and manifest the thoughts that are in alignment with your true being.  That’s when magic happens, as they say.  In my own life, I’m still practicing this. Learning how to ‘witness’ and let thoughts pass. I am however, experiencing a lot more synchronicity when I lead with my heart and follow my intuition, instead of allowing my mind, which houses all thought, to grab the wheel.

In Conversations with God, it says that there are three aspects of who we are. That can mean, physical, non physical and meta physical which sum up the holy trinity.  Other ways this has been described is father, son and holy spirit, conscious, subconscious and super conscious, the id, the ego and super ego, body, mind and spirit and so on. He goes further to explain that these three aspects are actually three energies: thought, word and action and that

 “All three put together produce a result. The process of creation starts with THOUGHT.  Nothing exists in your world that did not first exist as pure thought.”

…but my interpretation of this now is that you must trust and surrender to allow divine intelligence to flow through you so that you can receive that thought.  Your intuitive nature has to serve as a beacon for the thoughts you are meant to create. Otherwise you’re just watching every shiny bright new car pile up on your driveway as an “afterthought”, which is basically non-intentional.  As much as I love shiny bright new things, I’m learning not to allow myself to get distracted by the sparkles. I’m learning to live a more intentional filled life, becoming more aware of my subconscious mind and letting my 90,000 thoughts a day pass, especially if they get stuck in LA rush hour traffic on (insert any LA, California highway of your choice)!!!

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