You are creating the life you are experiencing…

You are creating the life you are experiencing right now.  If you are fearful, it is because you are choosing to be in alignment with that vibrational pull.  Therefore, you will continue to attract that vibration. You must ask yourself, “Why do I fear?”, “Why do I worry?”, “Why do I doubt?”  You are in a constant state of co-creating with me, so choose to always create goodness, choose love, sheer joy, absolute and overflowing abundance for THAT, is what is rightfully yours. All that you desire is already here. Don’t keep yourself from it.

What really struck a cord with me during this meditation was hearing that whatever I’m experiencing is a direct result of “choosing to be in that alignment with that vibrational pull.”  So often I think of not being in alignment as a negative thing, but what I’m learning is that we are ALWAYS in alignment. It’s just what we’re CHOOSING to be in alignment with that creates our experience. There is no such thing as “not being in alignment”.  We are always in alignment with something, whether it be positive or negative. We just have to choose the type of alignment we want to experience.

But sometimes, because we are human and are spiritual beings having a human experience, we can’t help but to attract the negative alignment. Feelings of sadness, fear, unworthiness, ugliness, doubt and so on, are very strong vibes that we do attract from time to time, which can all be great teachers.  The other day, a friend recommended I watch this youtube video with Kyle Cease and Matt Kahn. In this video, they riff on each others process on how they deal with the “illusion of problem” in what Matt refers to as “not being in alignment with our wholeness and well being.” Sometimes the act of even just declaring intentionally the polar opposite of what you’re feeling, can be enough to shift your alignment in what Matt calls “vibrational medicine.”  I love that! Vibrational medicine is such a great way to describe how to effectively shift vibrational pulls. Ultimately, it is ALWAYS our doing and the power is within us to keep our vibes high. You have the choice! As for me, I’m sure there will be days ahead, that I will be overdosing on that good vibrational medicine.

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