Conversations with God

If you read my “about me” page, you’ll learn that I implored the very few spiritually minded friends I had at the time, for a “how to” guide on meditation. Back then, I categorized these very few friends as being “into that weird shit”. It WAS weird! And quite honestly, it still is and it’s about to get even weirder…but in the most magical way!  One of those friends gifted me Conversations with GOD to jumpstart my journey. I must admit, it took me A VERY LONG TIME  to get it. I was very skeptical at first and on top that, had a hard time understanding the concepts. I read through it in pieces and some days I would get it and some days I wouldn’t. I eventually finished it (with modest excitement) and moved on.

After coming back from Rythmia this past March, both still on a high from our experience, my boyfriend had asked me to recommend a few books, as we’re both avid readers. He noticed Conversations with God had been collecting dust on my shelf.  I must’ve made some fortuitous comments as he decided to take this one instead of the ones I recommended.  Suffice it to say, his review was nothing short of extraordinary & for him, affirming.  I believe his exact words were,

“It’s like all of the questions I’ve had are being answered in this book.”

His enthusiasm became a catalyst for me to jump on the band wagon and read the entire series. After finishing Book 2, I was hooked.  I understand that I definitely was not ready to receive this book when I first read it because now, it’s a whole different experience! I downloaded all of these audio books so that I could dive right in and I could not stop listening. I eagerly took notes and absorbed every word. Everything made perfect sense. There was no confusion this time, only undoubted truth.  The messages were clear as a bright sunny day or as Micheal Beckwith calls luminosity.  I needed to awaken to my truth in order for me to get it.  I live for these AHA! moments and what one of my fave mentors,  Marie Forleo refers to as “Nuggets o’ Wisdom”.  This was quite the nugget…here are some of my favorites from the series…

The soul creates, the mind reacts.  The soul understands what the mind cannot conceive.  The soul speaks to you in feelings. Honor your feelings. They will never get you in trouble because your feelings are your truth.

FEAR: False evidence appearing real. Obligation cannot exist in the space of love. True love is always free. See this decision not as a promise made only once but as a free choice made over and over and that day of resentment will never come.

So many nuggets to unpack in this entire series! Book 4 is his most recent book called “Awaken the species” where Neale has further discussion with GOD about highly evolved beings and sixteen factors that the human race does differently from these HEBs. He dives deeper into separation breeding indifference and how HEBs understand oneness and that nothing is separate.  He goes on to say that “many people are awake, yet asleep.” And its those people, who need to fully awaken and lead the way for others.

Remember always that a leader is not someone who says “follow me”. A leader is one who says, “I’ll go first.”

Screen Shot 2018-05-21 at 10.39.24 PM

Over the last five years, I have been slowly but surely awakening to my truth. It wasn’t until this trip to Costa Rica, with the help of shamans and “mother Aya’ (ayahuasca) that I fully embraced and experienced my spiritual awakening.  It was the most beautiful experience of my life. Neale Donald Walsch has been able to have this dialogue with GOD fully awake, while I’m just now hearing them deep in meditation in what can only be described as divine intelligence. I was so skeptical of this, those many years ago when I first got a hold of this book. It was hard to believe. But now I COMPLETELY GET IT. Additionally, I owe Neale a great deal of thanks for being an inspiration in starting this blog.

Without realizing it, my boyfriend gave me a gift.  Here was discernible confirmation, showing up for me, to prove to me, without a reasonable doubt, just how far I’d come in my own spiritual journey.  And for that, I am and will forever be obsessively grateful.

When you are ready for ALL of it, and I do mean ALL of this weird shit, I highly recommend reading this amazing gift to the world.  Time to get WEIRD!

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