You are gifted with free will…

You are gifted with free will, therefore I cannot give you the answers you want. It is entirely up to you how to choose the life you want to experience. Your soul will never lead you astray. Listen to your intuition. Be guided by it. Your logical mind can follow, but it must never lead the way. These two work together as a team to create the life you were meant to experience.

I began my meditation on this day with the same question ,”What is your message for me today?” Sometimes, like on this day, I’m able to actually have a dialogue. I began to ask questions about future worries that have been plaguing my monkey mind. Ego based fears coming out to play leaving their dunce corner to wreak havoc. Don’t you hate when that happens? A stubborn child, that ego! Sometimes, even when you KNOW it’s happening, you just can’t help yourself. At least for me, the journey to self discovery led to learning that I subconsciously found comfort in “suffering” because that’s what I “equated to love” due to my childhood trauma (which we ALL have by the way),  #THANKSTHERAPY! I guess old habits die hard. Nevertheless, this message couldn’t have come at a better time.

Most times, driving that monkey mind is that wonderful friend I know as “LOGIC”. Trying to solve problems based on thinking and trying to make sense of it all can  you mad.  But the idea of just ALLOWING, RECEIVING,  letting it to BE and simply TRUST is much easier said than done. Neale Donald Walsch writes in Conversations with God, “The soul believes what the mind cannot conceive.” SO therefore, using JUST your logical mind will never give you the answers you so crave.

I love “creating a life that I want to experience”.  To only choose the things that make my soul happy and continue vibrating on the highest frequency at all times, which is ultimately, love.  After all, manifestation will occur only in this state according to the universal laws of attraction.  The art of being able to do all of this, is indeed a practice. One, that I’m still learning how to master as one of my top “blissiplines”.


“When you give up Life, you give up GOD.” – Spiritual Liberation, Michael B. Beckwith



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