Spiritual Liberation

IMG_4833This week’s book is “Spiritual Liberation” by Micheal Bernard Beckwith.

As part of my “blissipline”, I’m fortunate to live in LA where the Agape spiritual center is located. Every Sunday or Wednesday, I am graced by the sagacity of this brilliant mind that never runs out of infinite wisdom. He has mastered his “flow” state and talks of GOD, oneness, awareness, consciousness, metaphysics, divinity & spirituality with such ease that it’s almost impossible not to become affected by his keen luminosity. Gets right down deep into your soul– EVERY–SINGLE– TIME!  What a gift.

“Spiritual Liberation”, I find, is the gift that keeps on giving. So much information on universal laws and how to apply them including personal experiences Micheal shares that led to his spiritual awakening. Its incredibly inspiring to learning more about this legend and his teachings.

My central message is not about religiosity or churchianity. It is about aspiring toward spiritual liberation, which I define as becoming free from the narrow confines of fear, doubt, worry, and lack, and living instead from a conscious awareness of one’s Authentic Self, one’s true nature of wholeness.

Spiritual liberation results from discovering and expressing the intrinsic qualities of enlightened consciousness that have been ours since the moment we came into existence. Simply put, all that is required to live up to our highest potential is already inside us awaiting our conscious activation. Living up to our potential is about becoming more ourselves, more of who and what we are as awakened beings, a central theme you will encounter throughout this book.” – Michael Bernard Beckwith from Spiritual Liberation.

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