…and bliss is (re) born.

“The transition from the egoic self to the Authentic Self requires discipline… The good news is that discipline eventually becomes what I call a ‘blissipline’ because it leads to playing our part with integrity, dignity, elegance, passion, and deep contentment.” – Dr. Michael Bernard Beckwith

One of my favorite beaches int he world, Boracay, Philippines


The purpose of me wanting to start this blog is to journal the messages I have been receiving during my meditations, which have only deepened since coming back from my journeys with “Mother Aya”(Ayahuasca). Upon experiencing “Mother Aya” for the first time, I had an “ego death” followed by a “re-birth” and then my “spiritual awakening” all in one fell swoop (I promise, I will dive more into these journeys in the blog pages to follow).  A favorite book series, written by author Neale Donald Walsh chronicles a dialogue with God which began,

“…during an overstressed and overextended by modern day life when the options ran out and frustration reached its peak, he turned to God. Desperate questions scratched on a legal pad in the middle of a long, sleepless night, began a precious dialogue which changed Neale’s life forever that have resulted in his book series ‘Conversations with GOD'”. (from http://www.cwg.org)

While my experiences haven’t been as profound and incredible as what he uncovers and writes about in his books, I have been able to hear clear messages during and only deep in my meditations that I can only define as “divine intelligence”.  My daily spiritual practice and/or discipline has yielded a state of bliss where I find myself in awe and overcome with gratitude each time I’m gifted with a message. When I get into my meditative state, I begin my own dialogue with God and ask “What is your message for me today?”

Every week, or as long as I continue to have them, you can find those meditative thoughts here…


Harness all of the LOVE that you ARE. Choose to always lead from that place. Anytime you lose that focus, always go back to LOVE to find your way.


Follow what you are called to, even if you do not understand it. it is your intuition guiding you. Trust it. When sharing your experiences, allow yourself that satisfaction but do not be tied to any outcome. Just simply share with no thought of how it will be perceived.


To quiet the mind means to be in stillness. But you can never truly quiet the mind. Even when you are focused on a mantra, you are directing your thoughts back to it when they drift away. But when you are in stillness, you are able to hear these messages come through with clarity and ease. Do not get lost in the dreams of others. Everything is temporary.


Your feelings are separate from your thoughts. Your thoughts are temporary. Your feelings are your truth. You will know when your soul is speaking by fully trusting yourself, your sacral chakra will be activated which houses your intuition. Feel that.


Remember, you are perfect. There is nothing wrong with you. Everything that your mind conceives cannot be believed because the true nature of you are in infinite. You are a being made of pure love.


You were not put on this earth to be healed by others. You have the power to heal yourself and then heal others, for you are a healer.


When two souls find each other in the physical world, Love is not as easy as it should be. Love in its purest form is given and expressed freely without any interruptions. But in the physical world, depending on where a person is at in life, love will be marred by the ego, through thoughts of fear, worries, anxiety and every negative thought that will keep love from flowing. You must fight against that.

Perhaps in future blogs, I can dissect one of these messages at a time to really deep dive into what I think they mean, but for now, this is what I’ve got so far……

With love and gratitude,  Jenilee

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